Track and understand your credit score

Your credit score impacts your ability to get new credit, the interest rates you'll pay, and even your car insurance bill. Rocket Money gives you access to your complete credit report and history, alerts you of important changes that impact your score, and offers you insights to understand what it all means.

Access your complete credit breakdown

Understand how factors like on-time payment history, credit card utilization and account age impact your credit score.

Track changes
to your credit score

Get real-time alerts for changes that impact your score to ensure you're never caught off guard when applying for new credit.

Identity theft
protection up to $1M

Our identity theft protection feature monitors your accounts for fraudulent activity. If you are the victim of identity theft, our 24/7 concierge guides you through next steps.

The financial insight provided by Rocket Money has helped me lower my debt by $4000 in less than half a year. Their recently added credit score feature has also helped me celebrate the repercussions of that success. Rocket Money has become a staple of my financial wellness.