Take control of your credit

Rocket Card1 is the credit card designed with you in mind, with unique features that put you in control of your credit.

Exclusive to Rocket Money Premium

Grow your credit score

Our SmartPay feature can help improve your credit score in two ways:

Lowers Utilization

Keeping your credit utilization rate low (ideally below 30%) with regular payments throughout the month

Maintains on-time payments

Avoiding overdue payments by keeping things automatic and on-time

Avoid the debt cycle

By paying down your balance regularly and on-time, SmartPay2,3 can help you avoid accruing interest—one of the biggest contributors to credit card debt.

Control who charges you

Ever had a subscription try to charge you, even when you cancelled? Our merchant controls help you make sure that doesn’t happen again.

You’re more than your score

We take financial factors outside your credit score into account, which can help you qualify for more credit at better rates. Plus, find out if you’re pre-approved with no impact to your credit score.

Earn cash back at select retailers

Automatically earn cash back (up to 10%) from thousands of your favorite brands and retailers.

Get tools to help make smart financial decisions

Rocket Money has more than just a great credit card. Our money management tools, analysis, and features help you take control of your full financial life.

Your safety is our priority

Rocket Card uses industry-standard encryption practices to ensure that your data is kept safe.