Automatically pay down your balance

Using the rules you set for us, we steadily pay off the purchases you make from available cash in your checking account. Think of it as taking lots of small bites over time, instead of one big bite at the end of every month.2

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How it works


Easily set up your SmartPay rules, like daily payment limits and a minimum checking balance.


As you use Rocket Card1,4, we’ll make payments when we see you have available cash that’s safe to spend based on your rules.


Before making any payments, we’ll give you a heads up, so you stay in control. You can pause payments anytime.

What makes it great

Helps keep debt under control

Making SmartPayments throughout the month can help keep your debt-to-credit ratio low.2,3 Below 30% is ideal to help boost your credit score.

Prevents overdue payments

SmartPay can help you consistently make on-time payments—another one of the largest factors in your credit score.3