The money app that works for you

Managing money is hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Rocket Money empowers you to save more, spend less, see everything, and take back control of your financial life.

Get control over your subscriptions

Never pay for an unwanted subscription again. Rocket Money instantly finds and tracks your subscriptions. Your concierge is there when you need them to cancel services so you don’t have to.

Stay on top of your spending

Get an effortless breakdown of your finances to see where your money is going and how to improve. We’ll notify you of important events that need your attention so you’re never caught off guard.

Put your savings on autopilot

Turn on autopilot to save money without thinking about it. Rocket Money learns your habits and saves the right amount at the right time while helping you avoid overdraft fees.

Rocket Money can also help you...

Track and understand your credit score

Access your complete credit report and history. Get alerted to important changes that impact your score.

Get the best rates on your existing bills

Our concierge will identify bills that can be lowered and negotiate on your behalf for the best rates available.

Create a budget that works for you

Setup a budget that automatically monitors your spending by category and keeps you on track towards your goals.

Understand and grow your net worth

Get a full picture of your assets & debt in one place. Make improvements and track your financial journey over time.

Feel The Love

No need to take our word for it! Here’s just a few of our thousands of 5 star reviews.

I was getting crippled with overdraft fees after losing my job through covid. The app notified me of one of my 30+ fees for that month alone and told me to contact Chase and had an example script to say. It seemed too easy but worth a shot. I called customer service and not only did i get an apology from the extremely nice representative, i got refunded $1300! If this sounds like a paid review it genuinely isn't, my jaw is still on the floor.

I recently went through a divorce and among all the stress of the divorce and taking over bills and household chores along with a demanding full time job, it was difficult to sit down and workout a budget to get things back on track. All I can say is Truebill has been amazing and has helped me stay on track and has kept me from sitting at a computer for hours working out my budget. If you struggle to do a budget this is the app for you, and it’s simple and easy to understand. If you're struggling like I was, this is the app for you.

I don't write reviews but this app saved me $140 dollars on the same day I downloaded it. I was charged a fee from my bank and the app called it out right away. I downloaded 4 apps today to compare and this the winner.

The best app I have. They are Awesome!

This app is literally a DREAM and is so easy to use.

I’m just starting to use this app and it is already helping me out so much. I’m getting ready to get my own car in the next couple weeks and get a place of my own with my girlfriend this summer, so I need to save and budget as much as I can as well as keep track of all my spending. This is the best app I’ve come across so far and would highly recommend to anyone looking to better budget or save money.

I love Truebill. Its honestly one of the best apps I have ever had. Everything is 100% secure and they take steps to keep it that way. I absolutely recommend downloading the app if you're looking for a financial tracker app.

I suck at money management!! About a year ago I was searching for something, digital to just plain HELP ME. Truebill helps me lower my bills, notifies me when there has been a change to recent bills, and even helps me put money away little by little for savings!! I don’t think I could live without this service. It has been a tremendous help!!

Truebill is by far the best app I’ve used. Love the alerts and reminders that are generated. The reports are easy to read and love that it informs me how much I’ve spent on a quarterly basis; provides a comparison of what I have earned and spent in the previous month and if income and expenses have increased and decreased since then. Definitely user friendly and has become my number #1 budget and bill tracking app.

This is the best app out there. Enough said.

On the first day I downloaded this app, I saved hundreds on unwanted subscriptions. There were subscriptions we didn't know about!

Best app ever. They monitor expenses, send alerts when my account balance is low. They even alert me when I get paid or when there are mysterious transactions - BEFORE my bank does.

This app has saved me so much money. I didn’t realize all the subscriptions I was paying for that I didn’t use!

Truebill canceled at least ten superfluous subscriptions for me in a timely manner. They also lowered my bills by quite a bit. In this climate where every penny counts, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I don’t know about you, but I have an alarming number of subscriptions...Truebill gives me complete visibility and power over all of it. You need this app.

I’ve tried many other budgeting/finance app and this is hands down the best one. Easy to use. Links to all my financial institutions with ease. Amazing customer support with any issues. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone looking for a budget/finance app.

10/10 recommend this app for anyone trying to budget and control your expenses all in one place!

I’m not sure how Truebill works its magic, but whatever it is, it’s magic.

Hands down, THE BEST FINANCIAL APP I DISCOVERED. In my first week, I opened up $187 in UNUSED recurring subscriptions. I’m obsessed. I never want to manage finances without Truebill again!!!

Truebill helped me see all the subscriptions I had. I was able to easily cancel and modify subscriptions directly through the app! Dare I say paying bills is kind of fun now?

In a matter of seconds I saved $660 for the year on my Direct TV bill. Saved $120 for the year on my Sirius XM bill. Saved $840 a year on car insurance. Am I happy? Uhh, YEAH! Putting those savings into crypto!! To the moon!!!

Absolutely amazing. Their customer service is one of the best I’ve ever had experience with.

This app has been great to help me create a budget that works for me. It is accurate and stays up to date. Even better, they have a responsive team at support to help if needed and to take ideas for future upgrades to the app.

They are extremely helpful. Within 5 minutes I cut out $85 of expenses, which allowed me to spend it on things that really mattered.

Great app to show you exactly where your money is going exactly. Customer service was also very helpful with any questions i had.

Best decision I made when it came to my financial needs. I am able to see all my fees and charges and keep up with all my accounts with just one click! Even when I had issues, the team IMMEDIATELY reached out to me to assist me with my troubles and even continued to follow up just to make sure I was satisfied.

My favorite feature is the subscription cancellation. Check it out it’s worth it!

Great employees! Super kind and fast service for every need I had. Would definitely recommend signing up!

In conclusion; Truebill is a simple and intuitive budgeting program with great customer service. 100% recommended.

With your help, our family has saved $587/year on unnecessary subscriptions. To be honest, I really didn't understand how Truebill could help me until we decided to save for a very large home purchase, and wanted to know where we could cut back unnecessarily. Thank you!

Love the interface and great customer support!

Truebill is very easy to use. I love. It really helps me keep on my budget with the notifications. Also, the help service providers are very helpful as well.

Truebill is the just about right budgeting/financing app. Tried this out about a week ago to get a better hold on my finance management and for me its loads better than many competitors.