Take control of your subscriptions

Rocket Money identifies your subscriptions to help you stop paying for things you no longer need. Your concierge is there when you need them to cancel unwanted subscriptions so you don't have to.

Your subscription
control center

Its hard to keep track of subscriptions these days. We bring them together in a single list so you never lose track of what you're paying for.

Stay on top of
upcoming bills

Our members rave about our recurring view that helps them stay on top of what's due, pay bills on time and avoid late fees and overdrafts.

Let us cancel unwanted subscriptions for you

We've cancelled over 1M subscriptions on behalf of our members. Let us save you time and hassle by canceling services so you don't have to.

Rocket Money is a phenomenal tool that I now can’t live without. It’s intuitive and extremely easy to use, yet robust in functionality. The services aspect of their offerings is exceptional. The team makes it very easy to negotiate or cancel subscriptions. I’ve saved at least $1,000 and the Rocket Money team does all the work! I don’t know about you, but I have an alarming number of subscriptions that I use personally and professionally. Rocket Money gives me complete visibility and power over all of it. You need this app.