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Managing your finances can be difficult! Rocket Money is an app that helps people gain awareness about their spending habits and better manage their money. Rocket Money makes it easier than ever to manage subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your spending.

Other apps simply give you insight into your spending, and then wish you luck in overcoming any challenges. Rocket Money is different; not only does it provide actionable insight, it also takes concrete steps to save you real money without sacrificing your quality of life.

Rocket Money can cancel unwanted subscriptions for you, and even has experts who will try to negotiate better rates on your bills--all with the tap of a button. Rocket Money is the go-to place to manage your finances.

How it works

Are your readers looking for ways to save money on everyday household bills? If so, we’ve got great news: The Rocket Money Affiliate Program is accepting applications! You’ll earn commission by promoting Rocket Money to your audience.

We track all sales and sign ups that are referred to Rocket Money from your traffic. The Rocket Money Affiliate Program is hosted on Impact. You can log in to the Impact platform 24 hours a day with access to reporting, banners, and text links.

Who should sign up?

  • If your website or blog focuses on finance or has related articles that focuses on saving money or helping others reach their savings goals.
  • You reach people who are financially aware and thoughtful about their money spending habits– maybe they’re building a savings account, paying off debt, or having trouble staying on top of their bills.
  • You write about things that readers care about such as overpaying on current bills & how to manage and get rid of unwanted subscriptions.
  • You cater to anyone who is between 23-55 years old, in the USA or CA.

Why sign up?

  • Commission: $4.00 - $10.00
  • Creatives: Available upon request
  • Hands-on guidance and support through a dedicated program manager

Target Audience

  • Age: 23-34+ years-old
  • Gender: 45% male, 54% female
  • 75% iOS and 25% Androids
  • Household income:

    • 70% makes > $50,000
    • 40% makes > $75,000
    • 30% make < $50,000
  • Interest: Individuals who are money focused, looking to cut expenses on common household bills and unwanted subscriptions.
  • Related apps Rocket Money users love are entertainment, lifestyle, and social media. Pinterest is a great place to find Rocket Money users.
  • The ideal customer has multiple financial accounts and online subscriptions.
  • Geos: Nationwide US

If you have any questions regarding payouts, getting setup, etc. or need any support, feel free to reach out to us at

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Join the Rocket Money influencer program to spread the word and get rewarded.  Get started in three steps:

  • Complete the application form and tell us about your channel.
  • Receive our program information and get set up with Rocket Money.
  • Stay tuned for sponsorship opportunities and more!