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Our New Milestone: 1 Million Premium Members

September 16, 2021

In 2015, when our founders Haroon, Yahya, and Idris met in their basement to brainstorm startup ideas, they had no clue the one about managing subscriptions would make it this far.

Five years later, we've reached a major milestone: One MILLION premium members.

"I'm proud of all of us. We've reached an incredible milestone," says our cofounder Yahya Mokhtarzada. "But, this sort of demand shows we have even more work to do."

We started out as a subscription cancellation app, but we've since grown into an all-in-one, holistic financial manager.

"The fact that over one million people keep Truebill in their pocket speaks to how difficult it is to get a true picture of where your money is going," says our Product Director Lauren Flickinger. "Our financial lives have gotten exponentially more complicated in the past decade, and people are really struggling to keep track. Truebill solves that pain point."

Since 2017, our app has saved members some $117 million, by canceling their unwanted subscriptions and lowering expensive bills. Members have saved even more through our budgeting and smart savings tools.

In that time, we've also skyrocketed as a startup, growing our team to over 120 employees.

What started as a subscription manager has evolved into an all-in-one tool to help people take back control over their finances.

"We hear stories every day from our members about how Truebill has been the missing piece in their financial wellness journey," says Daniel Dixon who runs Customer Experience. "Truebill has helped them keep their kids fed, buy a laptop to send with their daughter to college, save for a new home, improve their credit score, and take their finances back into their own hands."

At the end of August, our colleagues celebrated one million premium members in Silver Spring, MD with an outdoor event (requiring vaccination) featuring live music, karaoke, and games.

In his opening speech, our CEO Haroon encouraged people to grow and seek opportunities.
"Let's make this a place where we can grow personally and professionally. And let's commit to making ourselves better human beings during this journey," he said. "We are here to empower people so they can live their best financial lives, so let's get to it."