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From our CEO: Truebill Joins the Rocket Companies

December 20, 2021

Six years ago, my siblings and I started Truebill from my brother’s basement. We discovered that we were all paying for subscriptions we had forgotten about, and realized just how difficult it was to get a single view of our finances. We knew there had to be an easier way so we started building one.

Over the years, we’ve grown our team from 3 to 159 as that initial vision around subscriptions has broadened to unveil other financial blind spots. We’ve been incredibly humbled to see millions of people trust Truebill to help them take control of their finances and we continue to be inspired by stories about how our app has helped you spend less, save more and see everything.

With all of that celebration, we’ve also heard from many of you about how difficult it has been to improve your credit score, pay down debt or prepare for future goals like starting a family or buying a home. These stories continue to motivate us to work toward our mission: to help millions of people improve their financial lives. 

We know that there is much more to do – which is why I’m excited to tell you that we have decided to join Rocket Companies on the next step of our journey.

As part of the Rocket family, we believe that we’ll be more equipped than ever to achieve our mission and deliver products that help you be financially prepared during life’s complex moments. 

In our next chapter, we remain committed to you – our valued members – and are grateful for your continued trust in our product.

To the future!

Haroon Mokhtarzada
CEO of Truebill