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From Our CEO: Truebill to Become Rocket Money

July 19, 2022

Late last year in December 2021, Truebill proudly announced that we had joined Rocket Companies, a leading fintech platform obsessed with helping people achieve their dreams. It was an exciting moment for us because over the years, Truebill had become so much more than what my brothers and I had first envisioned when we founded it in 2015. We grew beyond an app that helps people manage their bills and subscriptions, and into a product that proactively helps members take control of their finances. We introduced features like budgeting, smart savings, and credit monitoring, and as our vision grew, so did our mission. We became laser focused on improving the financial health of millions and knew that joining Rocket would further our ability to do that.

Since joining Rocket, Truebill has continued to improve and come up with new ways to help our members. We launched a net worth feature to keep track of your financial health. We put Truebill on the web for those that prefer a larger screen. We’ve continued to grow and change for the better, with our members in mind every step of the way.

Today, we announce another big change: Truebill will soon be Rocket Money!

As the CEO of Truebill, I’m excited about this change because it helps us expand beyond our original vision. And while we’ve loved the Truebill name, it no longer serves the breadth of what we offer or where we’re going. We believe Rocket Money better reflects our product and loftier mission to help millions across all aspects of their finances. Since 2015, we’ve proudly helped our members save over $250 million on their subscriptions and bills – and as exciting as that’s been, we still want to do more. As Rocket Money, we’ll be able to assist even further, expanding the scope of financial services we can offer through our Rocket sister companies like never before.

As part of the Rocket platform, Rocket Money will seamlessly deliver the information, services, and products our members need along all stages of their financial journey. Far beyond expense tracking and subscription cancellation, we’ll be better equipped to support you across more areas of your finances, whether that be helping you save, gaining access to credit, buying a home, and more. We’ll seamlessly integrate the financial products and insights you need when you want them, all through the app you already know.

Whether we’re Truebill or Rocket Money, our mission remains the same – we are committed to improving the financial health of millions so they can live their dreams. We are extremely grateful to everyone that continues to trust us on their journey.

It’s been a journey for us, too. We’re glad you’re with us.

Haroon Mokhtarzada
CEO of Truebill

P.S. Have more questions about the rebrand? Check out our FAQ article here.