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November 20, 2015


Thanks for checking out! We’re excited about our mission to build a platform to track and manage all subscription services and recurring bills from 1 place – we hope you find BillNinja useful!

Where did BillNinja come from?

BillNinja started with a pain-point that all of us have probably felt at one point or another – an unknown charge of $39.99 on my credit card. After looking into it a little bit deeper I realized that I’d been being charged $39.99 for 14 months! A total of $559.86! Luckily my credit card company was kind enough to refund the charges, but it got me thinking – there needs to be 1 place to find, track and manage all subscription services.

And so, we started coding and was born.

Our first idea for a logo

How does BillNinja work?

BillNinja uses a third party API to connect with your bank and financial institutions to scan your transactions for subscriptions and recurring payments. We never actually see your bank login information and we have no ability to make any changes or charges to your account.
Once we’ve identified your subscriptions, you can use BillNinja to monitor and cancel your subscriptions.